The Long Island Poetry & Literature Repository, Inc. is a 501(c) (3). We are committed to enriching lives through the spirit and power of poetry and literature. We provide innovative literary programs to instill well being, encourage creativity, and increase awareness of poetry and literature.

The Long Island Poetry & Literature Repository, Inc has many archival materials. The collection accumulated is approximately: 1,000+ books; audio and video tapes; photographs; and other materials related to Long Island poetry and literature, some dating back to the 1800s.

A link to a video of our location, and what we are about can be viewing by looking in our "Portfolio" or following this link:
The Center

The Long Island community can enjoy this Long Island treasure for many years to come. Our organization is one in which people can utilize for attending or conducting readings, lectures, symposiums (for a nominal fee), browse the collection and so much more. It is the headquarters from which we can reach under served segments of the community, such as senior citizens, at-risk youth, as well as the above-mentioned groups.

The only days and times we have slated are the 3rd. Thursdays of each month. All other days and times are open for use. Please call or email for more information.