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Wyld Syde Press 1650 Sycamore Avenue Suite 46 Bohemia, New York 11716 Press Release Chasing Clouds A Collection of Poetry by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, PhD Link to Chasing Clouds on Amazon: The Long Way to Home: A Short Memoir by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, PhD Link to The Long Way to Home: A Short Memoir: Blurb for Chasing Cloud: Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan is a serious and devoted poet, her love of language is compelling and distinctive. There is range and generous spirit on many essential levels. ~Philip Schultz, Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Failure Blurb for The Long Way to Home: A Short Memoir: If you happen to need a book that will move you to tears, Dr. Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan has written it—an absorbing and heartrending story of the multiple traumas of her early life and the long journey to face and surmount them. Lacking any permanent stability in her family life, victim of both physical abuse and incest, hobbled with fear and internalized self-hate, she survived for years by way of self-medicating, dissociation, and desperate attempts to flee. Already at age 30 she had lived through more than a score of broken relationships and losses, with more tragedies to come later in life even as she gathered strength through poetry, psychotherapy, and sheer force of will. We are fortunate to have her testimony, often in painful detail, which gathers coherence out of an almost unfathomable emotional chaos and follows the dizzying path of suffering all the way to compassion, love, and self-acceptance. From her inspiring account, the many who know these troubles in their own lives will recognize the patterns, the ways to survive against the odds, and how to recover lost hopes. ~ George Northrup, Ph.D. Psychologist & Poet Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan’s newest collections are: Chasing Clouds (Wyld Syde Press, 2024) The Long Way to Home: A Short Memoir (Wyld Syde Press, 2024). Her other publications include a children's book, Would You Hug a Porcupine (The North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2022); Howling the Moon (7th Quarry Press, 2018); Life’s a Beach (Writers Ink, 2011); For Michael (North Sea Poetry Scene, 2008); Let Me Tell You Something (Street, 2006); One Woman's Voice (Street, 2005); The Bitter, The Sweet (North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2004). Nuzzo-Morgan's dissertation for her Ph.D. was on The Healing Power of Poetry. She teaches at Long Island University in the departments of: English, Humanities, and Sociology. Some of her accomplishments: 2017 WWB Long Island Poet of the Year; Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2009-2011; Long Island Sounds Editor; Founder & President of LIP&LR The Long Island Poetry & Literature Repository - ( 631-413-7702 cell

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