Long Island Poetry & Literature Repository (LIP&LR) is excited to announce the inception of the position, “Literature Ambassador of Long Island.” The ideal candidate will be entrusted to promote literature throughout Long Island. This will be a one-year post. The appointee is encouraged to conduct workshops, lectures, symposiums, readings, etc. at our center, as well as promote literature throughout the Long Island community as a LIP&LR representative and in conjunction with other organizations. LIP&LR will host a banquet in May 2024; the person appointed will be announced at that banquet.  The honoree will receive a proclamation and crystal award in celebration of their appointment. Details concerning the banquet will be forthcoming in the following months.  At the end of their term, the Literature Ambassador to Long Island will present a report to include how they promoted literature, enhanced communal harmony between organizations, and offer their recommendations for furthering literature on Long Island. All are welcome to be nominated, or to apply, as long as they reside on Long Island including Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. The person selected must be willing and able to serve all of Long Island. If you are interested in nominating someone, or applying for the post yourself, please email to: LIPLR2021@gmail.com the following information: Name Address Email address of the person Writing CV (including books, awards, positions held) Photograph Summary as to why this candidate would be a preeminent Ambassador for Literature on Long Island Sign it Please feel free to forward this email to all eligible persons.  Thank you for your attention. The LIP&LR Board  Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, Ph.D.   2017 WWB Long Island Poet of the Year Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2009-2011 Founder/President of TNSPS Long Island Sounds Editor President of LIP&LR The Long Island Poetry & Literature Repository - (longpoetryandliteraturerepository.com) 631-413-7702 cell Tammynuzzomorgan@gmail.com

  • Date: 9/30/2023 03:43 PM
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